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Bridalplasty! It’s Allyson!

6 Feb

E!’s controversial reality show where brides-to-be competed in challenges to earn plastic-surgery procedures in the last quest to win their makeover dream wedding.  It was down to the last two brides-to-be, who fought to the bitter end!  Allyson from Crestwood, Illinois won!  It was not all fun and games, she had the following surgeries:

  • brow lift
  • liposuction of chin
  • liposuction of jowls
  • liposuction of cheeks
  • breast reduction
  • breast lift
  • tummy tuck
  • laser skin resurfacing
  • liposuction of flanks
  • liposuction of inner thighs
  • liposuction outer thighs
  • liposuction of arms

I know reading it,  is very, very uncomfortable to put it lightly!  But she’s happy!!!!!   She got the wedding a girl could dream of!!  Love the decor…feathers makes anyone feel better!!!   Congratulations to the bride and groom, Allyson & John Donovan.

She looks absolutely beautiful!  Tell me, ladies if you had the opportunity would you think about doing it? And guys, what your take?  Just curious about it… Bridalplasty!  Wedding Surprise for Who?

Letia 🙂

Photos by E! Network.

Living Room Furniture! Do You Have Space? Are You Sure?

6 Feb

Part 2 of “Does It Go Great Together” series.  Today, we are going to talk about space!   Yes, space!  How many times have you’ve looked at furniture in a furniture store, bought it and when you got home, you were second guessing yourself.

Or better yet, there have been times when delivered, the furniture barely fit into your space?   This has happened not only to you, but many people.  Hating themselves for not knowing and now rearranging has to be done in the room<go ahead, squeeze by!>.

So, what are you doing wrong?  Nothing really.   When buying furniture; you have to remember the display floor is huge and every furniture collection has been given an allocated amount of space, to give you the appearance that the furniture could fit in your home.

This is why the measurement tags are not readily seen, now they are there!  However, the last thing the salesperson would want you to do, is leave to go back home to measure.   The salesperson may bring you to a computer, access their design software and even outline the room to help you; showing you that your choice would definitely work.   Not every furniture place has this, so you will have some apprehension on what to do.

Loveseat, sofa  <some say couch>, chair and coffee table, all available in a package deal! This would be perfect you say, because you are getting a great price! Hey, all the pieces are included.

But, its about space too! Will it fit in your livingroom, do you need all four pieces?   You want your livingroom to be inviting; not having the crowded effect.  I particularly do not like buying all the furniture pieces to be of the same suite.  I do mix it up a little, using different styles with a compliment factor.  No matter what your preference is, before you buy living room furniture, do have your information at hand:

  1. Take full measurements of room  (e.g.  11′ w x 17 ‘ 3 ”).
  2. note how many full walls (no windows,  no doors, etc.)
  3. note how many electrical outlets are available.
  4. note how many lighting fixtures are permanent in the room (e.g. chandlier, etc. or none).
  5. is there a fireplace, focal window or flat screen TV for one of the walls considered not a full wall.

Then there’s the decision-making:

  • Determine if the furniture style fits your lifestyle?  (children, no children, pets, roommate, etc).
  • For the not full walls, either the sofa should be placed opposite or diagonally.  This will make the window, fireplace or flat screen TV the focal point.
  • A sofa is usually 8 ft long, so measure and dependent on your room size, you will definitely be able to decide if the scale is too large.  This gives you the option to either select a sofa not that long, opt for a love seat only or use sectional pieces to get a comfortable space.   Please also repeat sitting and rising from the sofa.  If it is hard to rise, then you will need a sturdier sofa.  If you are particularly crawling out the sofa, this would mean it’s too soft and the height of the sofa is too low for the average person!  You definitely do not want to keep lending a hand or have a person keep leaning towards the person sitting next to them each time they want to get up! 🙂
  • The loveseat is optional, if included, it may not fit the scale of the room.  Or it may be needed for rooms that are rather large (e.g. great rooms), you have to decide.
  • The loveseat can also be used, rather than the sofa – if you are looking for a smaller scale (city apartments).
  • Review all legs of the furniture, will it add height or will it be too low?  Measure all doorways to ensure the furniture can be delivered, legs can be removed – however the sofa size is the deal breaker when it can’t fit through a doorway.
  • The coffee table should be 2 ft. from the sofa and fit the scale of the sofa.

Chairs can be used to balance the room, if there is space.  If needed,  it should be either placed next to the sofa or the other side of the coffee table being used.

If you feel the room will seem empty, this is where accessories  (vases, lamps, end tables) come in.

Area rugs too, will finalize the space – now the scale of the furniture is defined. This is where decorators come in, it’s call finishing!

The pictures show just a few furniture styles.  There are so, so many styles of furniture and your choice should be something you are happy with and will enjoy!.   If you need more time to make your decisions, by all means do so.  Take your time!

Manufacturers release their new furniture collections in January, so the previous year will be on sale until around March!  They have to make floor room for the samples!  And speaking of samples,  if a you find a floor sample that is in good condition or there is a close-out, please also consider for purchasing;  this also gives some savings to go towards buying accessories.  Negotiate!!!!!!

If you are not buying furniture, some of the guidelines above can help you rearrange your existing furniture too!  And PEOPLE, slip covers are fashionable!!!

Letia 🙂


Photos by Better Homes & Garden® & Shabby Chic Designs®

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