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Cynthia Bailey! Beautiful Wedding Gown, Done Her Way!

3 Feb

Many you may be familiar with Bravo’s Real Housewives series and some of you may not!    Following about 5 -8 women in a reality series, where we look into they daily lives!    I do admit, I do watch the re-runs when I can and enjoy every bit of it!   No matter what your status is in life, no matter what’s going in your life….there’s probably going to be something unexpected; which takes you for a loop!  Everyone experiences it!

Only reason, I am mentioning Bravo®, is about fashion super model, Cynthia Bailey’s who is on the Real Housewives of Atlanta!  While viewers followed her throughout the series, we saw the ups and downs of planning, the anxiety and whirlwind of planning a wedding.

All the interruptions and problems that could possibly happen; happened!  Leaving her to decide at the end, through it all – ditch what everyone thinks!  They are going talk anyway and who in the hell cares!   She contained herself and remembered the whole point of getting married, is that she was in love and was happy!!!!!!

Which brings to me say, what I always say! It’s your wedding and it should be how you want it.  The venue, your choice!  The seating arrangements, your choice!  No flowers, your choice!  The wedding gown!  Now that!  It was definitely her choice!

Not the normal, not traditional, but how she envisioned her wedding day to be!  In my opinion, the gown was absolutely gorgeous!  Cynthia looked absolutely amazing and in spite of all the anxiety it took for her and Peter Thomas, her fiance’ to get to their wedding day….it was worth it all and shows that it’s what? YOUR CHOICE!

Rubin Singer, a Russian designer designed Cynthia’s couture gown.  Although her gown was somehow leaked before the real nuptials, he did receive rave reviews for his design!   However, nothing could take the place of Cynthia ascending to her groom in this gown at her wedding!  She is the one, who added the enchantment of  the wedding gown being more beautiful than ever!

Let’s talk a little about Rubin Singer!  He comes from a family of designers; known for three generations of dressing Stalin and Russian royalty.  So to say he gets it honestly, is an understatement!   Known to be the favorite of celebrity stylists, Rubin is known for being not ordinary and completely understanding the woman’s body!   Ever since debuting his collections at Fashion Week in 2007, this designer has been on the move!   To know more about him, please visit his site:

Congratulations to Cynthia and Peter;  thank you for sharing your lives and your wedding day!  And a special congratulations goes to Rubin for making such a beautiful wedding gown!  Reminding us, that you can have exactly what you want!

She’s also will be featured in Kouture Magazine the March/April issue.

You want to know more about Cynthia, go to her website:

Photos provided Allen Cooley Photography®.  Cynthia and Peter’s wedding took place at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta, GA –  July 2010.  RHoA, the show attracted more viewers this season than it did in Season 2 with an average of 2.9 million viewers each week.

Letia 🙂

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