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Anyone Know How to Play TABOO??? Seriously!

28 Jan

What would I do without the BlackBerry®.   I had to post this…forgive me, if you don’t care!  I am writing it anyway! This evening, we are all playing TABOO!

Let me set it up.

Team 1 has won 5x already

Team 2 won 3x.

I’m on Team 3 no wins!! NOTHING!!  Zero!

So when it’s my team’s turn, I thinking we are the underdogs, we are going to make a comeback <from zero>! So, quietly and softly my team member says:

Snow, ice, glass and wine!

Winter, cold, clear and wine!

White, chill and wine!

So I say  ” I am going to have a nice glass of white wine”…ahhh “white wine”…thinking we won, it wasn’t the answer.  The little jigama of a sand clock finished.   The answer is, get this!   IGLOO RESTAURANT! I know, I know….terrible clues!!! Just terrible!!!  I am about to hang in the towel!

Isn’t the object of the game is to get your team members to guess a specific word on a card without using the five other related words listed on the card?  This is what I thought it to be!  Guess not!

Hope you are having fun where you at!  I am, I am; even though I’m a sore loser!  For the Taboo lovers out there in the world, let a girl know the rules!

Heading back for more torture!  Oh! Enjoy your weekend!

Letia 🙂

Taboo game by Hasbro®

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