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Ahhh! Paint!

24 Jan

Here we are, Part 1 of Does It Go Great Together? series.  The #1 question that is e-mailed to me is about PAINT!

Yes, I said Paint!   More so about picking a color.  Then the colors, what brand types and how much a person is so afraid of color and how the beige walls are their standard choice!    Everyone knows their colors!  Even if you don’t think you do, you really do. 🙂

The primary colors are red, blue and yellow.  When the primary colors are mixed together to create different color combinations, created are your secondary colors:  purple, green and orange.   All defined as the color wheel! Using the primary and secondary colors together, beautiful paint colors are created; combinations galore!

When looking at a paint color sheet, the many shades are called paint hues.   It is when the primary color or secondary color is increased or decreased; all providing a selection of whether to be monochromatic (modern) or analogous (pleasing, matching).  So say, if you like the color purple!  The question is…what type of purple, the paint hues allows to either to be bold/dark or soft/light.

Paint colors are to a person’s taste; quite personal.   The color can remind you of something wonderful or it can be irritating.  Leaving specific colors which go together, where  some that do not.   There’s cool tones like a white or a baby blue.   Then there’s loud colors, demanding presence; like a red or a black.  Whatever the color is, you have to take the time to look at the colors;  see how it makes you feel.  If you really like it, question how will it compliment the room and the room’s size?

Once you have made your decision, then you have to some preliminary work first.   Looking through my archives, I found this flashback video!   It’s a reply to an e-mail I’d received, it will give you some more information.

  • get many color swatches or color sheets.
  • write down the paint number and the brand.
  • select the colors you like!
  • request paint samples.
  • paint 24″ x 24″ square on the wall of the room to be painted.
  • review the color in the night, the day and w/wo candles before making the color your final selection.
  • who is painting?  Find out before buying paint?
  • talk to the supplier, ask what’s the best finish and are there any rebates.
  • is there a specific look on the wall you’re thinking of
  • the preparation to paint is key,  so you have easy clean-up.
  • stick to your budget, get estimates.
  • tell your environmental concerns to the supplier, so he can meet your needs.
  • BE HAPPY and Excited about it!!!!!

I know the idea of painting can be overwhelming in many ways, don’t be.  When you’re looking for a color, think about you and what you can create.   You will be surprise how your spaces will change, by merely the color!

Letia 🙂 and

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