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Fashion Week 2011 in Berlin – Autumn/Winter: Parsival Cserer & Vladmir Karaleev

22 Jan

Bringing you my favorites!  If you don’t know about these two German designers you definitely should!  Let me know what you think?

Parsival Cserer is known for his ethnic patterns in his designs!  The color combinations are amazing! The recent 2010 winner of the Designer for Tomorrow by Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf!  His designs are so romantic and alluring!  Keep watching him! Love, LOVE his work!  It gets better and better every year!

Then there’s handsome Vladmir Karaleev!  His designs appear to be simple, but the construction of his designs are quite genius!  Very classy with an edge.   I would love to have a few of designs in my closet, the dresses!  Little accessories would be necessary!  With some black funky punk boots for an edge or some Manolo Blahniks high heel shoes, any choice would be fabulous!  I didn’t want this runway show to end <smile>!


Letia 🙂

Videos by MBFW NewYork

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