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Restaurant Week 2011 – Try It!

19 Jan

How would you like to have a prix-fixe meal at one of thee best restaurant using celebrity chef recipes?

Is there any restaurant you’ve always wanted to dine, but found it too pricey?

Or you’ve been too busy; but really need to take some time and spend with that special person.

Or maybe there’s no excuse to be said, just TRY IT!

Many major cities will be giving you that chance during Restaurant Week 2011!  Starting January 21st.

This is where participating restaurants define a 3 course meal, making it affordable for about $25.00 – $35.00.   A special menu is prepared, for either lunch or dinner.   You will have to make reservations though, quickly; for there’s usually no walk-ins.   So, if you’ve thought about having a lunch date or dinner date for two, this is definitely a nice opportunity!

Before dining out, please keep in mind that in order to offer this great price, the selections will be limited.  If you are at one of the participating restaurants and decide to select something different from the menu, there’s most likely to be a fee!   Avoid this, the entrée maybe better, however the fee to upgrade is probably not!

There are many cities participating, I’ve only listed a few.  Click the city name and you will be linked to their Restaurant Week 2011 site:  Baltimore, MDBoston, Chicago, New York City, and San Diego.  If you’re city is not listed, you can always check your local paper or contact your Chamber of Commerce.

I’m reviewing the restaurants in New York City to make my selection <Gordon Ramsay comes to mind>!  If you decide to go in your area, please let me know what city, the restaurant you chose and how was the dining experience!  I would love to hear about it!

Bon A Petit!

Letia 🙂

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