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Does It Go Great Together?

18 Jan

Planning, you must plan everything!  But when it comes to decorating, you don’t know where to start!

You’ll find yourself talking out loud “Does this go together or am I completely off?”

You really like what you’ve picked, but how does it fit with your home, the furniture that you have now?

Or you just want to throw everything OUT, you need something new!

So, why is it such a puzzle?

I’ve taken all the questions my readers have sent, categorizing them all.  So, beginning in a few weeks; there will be a 4 part series called Does It Go Great Together? on the most asked questions.

This will be a great way to get familiar with the basics, setting the incentive to be open to some changes in your home and most of all put you at ease.

So stay tuned.

Letia 🙂

Ahh! Shaving Cream Avant Garde Performance on Kimmel

18 Jan
Benny Bell on the cover of the LP featuring

Benny Bell

Need a laugh?

Half sleep with the television on late last night, only to awaken to see a person on TV with a nothing but soap for a long time, washing!   He caught my attention, to only find out it was on purpose!

Avant garde strikes again! Michael Carbonaro is doing a skit with shaving cream, not soap on Jimmy Kimmel Live.   I couldn’t believe that I was watching this but he got my attention! Only to wake up this morning  and say, “Was I dreaming?”.

I was n’t, but I must say it put a smile on my face. Different, but fun! CRAZZZY, but fun! And I bet he smells great! For those who haven’t seen it <for the show aired was a repeat> and need a laugh to break up the day, here’s the video. Oh! If kids are watching with you, please let them know it’s NOT soap and don’t they dare  try it!

Letia! 🙂

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