White Sale, Why in January?

17 Jan

In January, stores have a White Sale.  Where you can save on bedding, pillows, basics and more!

Where did this term come from?  It was established in the late 1800’s .

John Wanamaker, a famous Philadelphian who was a genius in his own right!

A business merchant, the best in advertising and department store innovator (Lit Brothers Department Store).   It was he, who started the first all time white sale at his department store back in 1878.   Items which where white, were hard to sell; so the items were sold at a discount!  It was such a success, he decreed every January the White Sale would be held!

Many years “White Sale” was just about selling linen during the month of January.  Now stores use this time period, not only to sell linen; but on various household goods and furniture.   When shopping, do compare prices with different stores to make sure you get the right price.   Don’t rule out on-line shopping either!

Oh!  don’t forget your coupons! Use them!  And yes, I’m the one who leaves the store and turnaround to come right back to buy an item when I have multiple BB&B coupons!  LOL!

Now, if you are saying to yourself ‘ White Sale”?  Just think, you may need to get some new towels <maybe a couple> or get rid of your pillows <not flufffied – not a word, I know>. This would be a perfect time, because they are on sale for the next two weeks!

Letia 😉


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