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WeddingWire, Great Website for Your Wedding!

16 Jan
Wedding Photography

Your wedding will be one of the most important events in your life!  As soon as the engagement is announced, life becomes a whirlwind to planning the event.  The couples’ wedding will one of thee most important events in their life and there are moments which ought to be captured.  There will always be inquiries from family and friends on the status; adding more pressure to plan.

I have a very dear friend who is getting married; he popped the question last year!  The June wedding will soon be here this summer! <can’t wait>.

In order for the groom to be really part of the wedding, he was charged on documenting, taking pictures of all the mayhem, special moments and the OMGs so far happening <I know; he agreed after being told he was not helping…with tears!>!

He was introduced to WeddingWire; where he’s built his own wedding website.   In all actuality, he at first said he was a bit apprehensive in doing it, but really started enjoying it as he began putting it more and more together.

Which I can tell because he never fails sending his infamous weekly e-mail announcement, telling ALL that it’s been updated!  LOL!!!!!  His fiancée, she’s so very happy that he’s doing it!

I thought this would be also great to share with my readers, those who are getting married, know a couple getting married or would like to give a gift to the bride and groom by making their wedding website for them.   I did take some time to review the entire website and I must say I LIKE IT A LOT!

Wedding planning will be very stressful at times and this site can give you some relief.  This site has everything a wedding couple would need to plan.   From helping with invitations, wedding cakes, wedding styles, guest lists, checklists, seating/table arrangements, up to where to have the venue….everything!  All at your fingertips!

Press on the WeddingWire® icon, it will take you right to their site.  Click on Free Wedding Websites to see the many designs to choose from.  Also join, it will be well worth it; there’s a slew of information!

Letia 🙂

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