John Travolta & Kelly Preston with Benjamin – People

13 Jan

Hey everybody, this is just sooooo wonderful, that I had to post this!   I love when life gets better; after the storm.   For John Travolta and Kelly Preston, they will be introducing their son Benjamin to the world.  He was born on November 23rd. The proud parents and baby are featured on the next issue of People.  I know Benjamin’s sister Ella Bleu is absolutely in love!

For John and Kelly, through the tradegy of losing their son Jett, to having this new addition will definitely bring joy, over protectiveness; which all parents do and the feeling of love to help in enjoying life as it can be.

I was thinking, if I had the opportunity to speak to them, what would I say? I would say:

As you welcome this bundle of joy to your world, I know he has restored both of your hearts and spirit to knowing that you can indeed love wholeheartedly.  Congratulations.”

I’m so happy for them.  So what would you say?  You can comment below ;).

Letia 🙂

For the exclusive interview and family photo album, you can pick up the new issue of PEOPLE®, it will be on newsstands Friday, January 14th.

8 Responses to “John Travolta & Kelly Preston with Benjamin – People”

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