Happy Holidays! A New Year is on the Way!

16 Dec

Hasn’t this year just flown by?  We are so busy, at least I am!  There is always something to do, to get fixed, to remember and to pay for!!   You do the best that you can and often at the end of the year; it’s about reflecting.   You decide what’s important to keep up or to make better.

So here I am with my reflecting.  I am not going to bore you with my long list, but I’m looking back and seeing what I can do, let’s say hoping to do better.  It’s good to have goals, but nothing is etched in stone, because life is life.

One thing I am truly happy about is that I decided to work on the most popular item for improvement this year, being healthy and exercising.   So this past October, I have been really exercising  consistently;  decided to prepare my own food for lunch, shop locally at the farms for fresh produce near my home and make a conscious decision of my food choices when dining out!

I must say, I do feel better and it’s been a daily effort.  Now, please do not think for one minute, that I do not crave for the those sugary treats, I DO!  I do not deprive myself, I have it….but do exercise a little more to compensate  <my weakness is Oreo cookies, I take 3 cookies and split them to make 6 cookies! Smart right? It’s a mind trick!>.

Now, I haven’t put any pressure on myself and there’s no made up glorious weight number to meet, I  just have concentrated on eating right and being healthy.     Just by simply logging into Lance Armstrong‘s  www.livestrong.com website, I am able to update what I am eating to find my calorie intake and that’s it*.  If interested, you can set up a free account.

Now, then it’s those things that I tried to complete before this year ends because they were on my list for the year prior to this one!!!!  I am happy to say, I scratched some off!   To name a few, I finally plastered the ceiling from a bathroom leak, saw my brother and his family in Fort Wayne, IN <so happy>, even though my kitchen smoke alarm went off quite often – I finally can broil a medium-rare steak successfully, loaded about 60 CDs on my Ipod and lastly;  stuck to my budget outlined since last year!

Now, it’s a new year, for what you did n’t do this year, just write it down for 2011 and work towards it; that’s all!   Yes, there are still things to do, but we are coming into a brand new year, we all have goals, lists and those day-to-day challenges each and every one of us are facing; but in the midst of it all….  remembering to enjoy life, take time to spend time with your family and see your friends a bit more often…these are the things which are most important!

I want to take a moment to thank you ALL for your readership, your questions and your support; it’s really been so much fun!   Wishing you and yours the best!

Have a safe and wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!  See you in Twenty-eleven!

Letia 🙂

* great tip from Rachelle Borderhammer.

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