World AIDS Day 2010 – December 1st

29 Nov

World Aids Day is December 1st.  There are many ways to make a difference, as an individual, at a university, at a school or at work.   By helping to fundraise you can show your support for World AIDS Day and NAT!  Many of our celebrities are being silent on this day, to raise money!

How are they doing it?  By being silent, Multi-platinum recording artist Alicia Keyes has persuaded several of her celebrity friends to refrain from any Twitter feed updates or Facebook posting; until her charity – Keep A Child Alive has raised one million dollars!

If you can’t help in the fundraising, do show your support by wearing a red ribbon!  🙂

For more information on World Aids Day 2010, please go to

Be Well – Letia

2 Responses to “World AIDS Day 2010 – December 1st”

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