Different Wine Glasses for Thanksgiving Dinner??

21 Nov
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Maggie from Richmond, VA had a great question! 

 “I am confused about wine glasses, what’s the difference?  Thanksgiving is only a few days a way and my mother-in-law says, do I have the right glasses!  And floral or solid tablecloth, I have two… my napkins are solid?”    

In a few days, you will be greeting your guests for Thanksgiving dinner and you want to know what type of wine glasses should be on the table.   Is there a difference?   The answer is yes!   Red wine should be poured in a specific glass, which is different from white wine.   It’s all in the way the wine breathes and enhances the taste.    I don’t know what types of wine you’ll be having, but don’t get so crazy; you can quickly go to Target® or Bed Bath & Beyond and buy a couple of sets or how many you may need <usually comes in 4>.   

A wine connoisseur could go on and on about the specifics; where the glasses may become pricey!  You just need the basics!

  1. When looking at wine glasses,  you should have at least two for your collection. The Bordeaux glass, which is designed for full-bodied red wines such as Cabernets and Merlots; for the wine to breathe and brings out the aromas.   The glass allows the wine to touch the back of the mouth allowing for a great flavor. 
  2. Next is the Burgundy glass to use for other type of full-bodied wines such as a Pinot Noir.  It’s a bit larger, not as tall at the Bordeaux.   This glass allows the wine to dispense to the tip of the tongue; which makes its easier to taste the sweetness of the wine.
  3. Now white wine glasses are smaller to help keep wine cool.  These glasses allow the wine to dispense at the tip and sides of the tongue to better enjoy the wine’s sweetness.

As for the table setting,  you already have your china, so a solid tablecloth will do fine, as for napkins….go to the nearest Marshall’s, TJ Maxx to save money on buying extra cloth napkins.  When your there you can see whether you can pick up those last items;  but from your e-mail; you’ve got everything covered!

Good Luck, Maggie and Happy Thanksgiving!

Letia 🙂


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