We’ll All Be invited to a Royal Wedding!

17 Nov

Just in case you didn’t know I have family in the London, U.K.   Speaking with my Aunt Vadney and cousin Barbara; they are so delighted about the upcoming royal wedding!  

“It’s just simply splendid”! <in a British accent> 

 Although a date has not been set, it’s one of the top stories here in the States and around the world.


Prince William  had given Kate his mother’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring as a way of making Diana part of his special day.  I was very touched, for I remember how lovely Princess Diana was.   

Off the top, there will be 400 guests invited, dictionaries from around the world – representing their good will in the marriage of  Prince WIlliam and Kate Middleton.

We won’t be left out, we’ll all be invited!  Ladies will get see another wedding dress and our gentlemen will be bored to their wit’s end, but dare not to say anything for it will be on every channel! 

Congratulations to them both, they have dated on/off for about 8 years and you can tell they are friends; which is so important for all the hoopla ahead!

Splendid, isn’t it?   Congratulations to Prince William and Kate!   

 I guess Harry will be next! 🙂

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