You Can’t Say…Without Your Kids?

10 Nov

This has nothing to do with decorating, or getting the next best thing !  It’s about the question, I received from Tamara (name changed) this evening! 

“How do I tell my friends not to bring their children,  I want to have a dinner party the day before Thanksgiving?  I never get the chance to enjoy my friends; without disruptions and to see what’s going on.  I want to have them over, to relax and have a great time…without their kids”

Well my left eyebrow rose; <this is not a formal affair> while reading the question and immediately my first thought was that, she doesn’t like kids, but she does have children!  Here’s my reply to Tamara, after reading her entire e-mail fully:

Tamara,  it sounds like you may be needing the break more so than your friends, I may be wrong.  However, if you are looking for a dinner with your friends, with NO interruptions, your planning could not ever be so wrong. <Wrong!

The day before Thanksgiving is the wrong time, wrong month, wrong everything!.   What you are looking for is to engage with your friends in a setting which is relaxing for you and for them.  This sounds like a spa day, a luncheon or perhaps fun outing with just friends.

Everyone is on the go and trying to make everything happen yesterday and if you have children… you just sometimes can’t go out without them.   I have a girlfriend who has two small children.  Between the softball games, piano practices, karate classes, play dates, library visits and making sure the family pet is fed; there’s no time to have a dinner away from home for 2 hours, let alone feel comfortable in leaving tasks undone while she’s out having “fun”. 

So I do understand that not having the children around, is not an option for her at this time; but I always give my support when I can and do see her with them (which is usually in McDonald’s or during mall errands).

So, I suggest you contact your friends and start a conversation with “I need a break, don’t you need a break?”.  From there you can suggest perhaps you all plan to spend a whole day together; giving them a heads up that babysitters will be needed, a look at their schedules and allow them to plan, plan, plan! 

Once you have gotten a consensus, you can start looking at events in town or spas, as I mentioned early, but do it locally!  Just in case, only 1 -2 hours is all that can be spared.

You will have fun planning, but it definitely should be after the  holidays, perhaps in early February.  The months are moving fast and be sure to look at specials.  If you see one, book it with an early deposit.  You know what to do, you will feel happy doing it, because it’s not the regular day-to-day stuff.  You never know, it might become a monthly tradition. 

I do a similar get together, every 2 months or so with my friends; which is wonderful.   So, please never say to someone, “don’t bring your kids”; they will be very, very offended.   What you mean to say is let’s have a break together!  🙂  

I am so glad you contacted me; your friends would have talked about YOU; your intentions to you may have been good, but for them it may not have come across to well, you would  have left them really wondering about you!   

Now,  if you are still going to have a dinner, the day before Thanksgiving; do Enjoy!  It’s a time to spend time with family, friends <who have children>and be full off of all the great food!  Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Be well – Letia


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