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New York Mag’s Home Design Edition!

14 Oct

Sometimes I swear my magazines are being read before I receive them in the mail!  I don’t know, I don’t know,  the tips of this magazine’s pages are curled and it’s not even raining.   Anyway, I say all this because my New York  magazine arrived <a little late> and I must say I’m really enjoying the issue.  This week, it’s all about home design!  

Great articles!   Imagine if your apartment was a gym, formerly known as the 23rd Street McBurney YMCA in New York City and you decided to make it your home.  A challenge right?   Wendy Goodman’s article clearly displayed the owner’s vision and how superb clean lines really define a space <she did all the design articles in this issue>!

Or, 31-year-old twin designers; who live together and are so different in taste? <diffff…erent!>  How about the brilliant vision of converting a garage into a home which is only 2000 square feet!   Then there’s these two heavily bearded brothers who capture the essence of wood throughout their entire home (Pressler).   These things could only happen in New York!   A lot of people would say that, but if you have a vision, your space can become yours; wherever you live! 

Ok, I am not going to say anything more!  If you get a chance, get the latest issue – Home Design Fall ’10 Family Edition or go to their website at to see more highlights.

I always say your home is your home…you know my motto!  Enjoy your Space, Enjoy your Life!!  I’m off to lunch! 


 On the Cover: Bunny and Lulu, twin daughters of interior designer Darren Henault and lawyer Michael Bassett.  Both Photographs by Jason Schmidt for New York Magazine.

Be well – Lee 🙂

P.s.  And…if you are one of those people who read other people’s magazines, STOP IT!  Just kidding!

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