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Where are They Going To Sit?

1 Oct

This evening, Kathi of Davenport, IA sent me an e-mail with the following question; here’s my answer:

“I’m having guests over for dinner and my husband didn’t tell me that he invited some more friends and I’m panicking because my dining room table only seats 6.  What should I do?” 

Seating should be the least of your worries.  By all means, DO NOT tell them not to come! Why put so much pressure on yourself!  If you are having 10 guests, then you are only have to get 4 extra chairs.  You can either go to the local thrift store and look for the extra chairs which are compatible to your current dining chairs.   They don’t have to match at all. 

 If you are worried about the seats; you can always go to your fabric store and change it!   Just unscrew the screws which are under the seat, using the old fabric as a pattern to cut the new fabric.  Get a staple gun, safety goggles and reapply with the same foam or a glue gun can be used (I prefer the staple gun). 

If your dinner party is more than 10 guests, you might want to have the party outside – where there is more room and really yell at your husband (a little).  If it’s bad weather (it is October), then I suggest not a sit down dinner; but a cocktail party, with various appetizers on 8″ plates.   Now, say buying new chairs are not in the budget, you can always get some folding chairs and cover them with slip covers to match your decor! Check Bed, Bath & Beyond at E. 53rd St; $7.99.

Too often the host worries so much about preparing the party, that when the dinner party happens, they are so exhausted – that they seldom get to engage like they hoped to.  Remember it’s a party!  Not a “Oh, I’m so tired – this was a lot of work”.  This phrase should not be said; you will make your guests fill guilty.  So don’t panic, just plan. 

You still have time, get those RSVPs, look for the chairs, plan your meal, drinks, etc.  You will be just fine!

Oh!  When you receive RSVP calls from your invites, if they ask what could they bring.  Try to avoid flowers, for you don’t want to spend too much time finding vases and arranging them for this will also take away from guests at the dinner party.  Wine, candles, candy are great ideas.

Kathi…just have fun!!  Let me know, how it turns out!  

Good Luck – Lee 🙂

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