Where Would You Go?

28 Sep

If someone came up to you and said “You’re a winner, you won an all expenses paid trip, airfare and hotel accommodation!”, where would you go?  Of course, you would have one eyebrow raised in disbelief, skip all that. 

Say if it’s absolutely legit and you could choose, where would you go?  Where?   I am not talking about visiting your Aunt or maybe you would?   If you had to give a response by 11 p.m. this evening, where would you go?  Aren’t I pushy?  I know,  but I’m real excited about this!

Well, I got this same question asked to me and it was not hard for me to reply.  In a matter of seconds, I gave them my reply!  You see, I’m attracted to classics and remembered as a little girl watching Agatha Christie’s Orient Express <No, not Murder She Wrote!>.  In pure fascination, my choice would to go on the Orient Express, not to partake in the mystery murder part, but to see the land in this fashion;  a luxurious train ride where I could really enjoy the cultures and most of all see the decor and design of the past era, mixed with today’s amenities!

Back then, even now I know how  it played a part of what I do today; I am so intrigued of it all, the look, the design and the fabrics!  The silk upholstery, lacquered furniture, mahogany wood door frames, paisley velvet wallpaper, mirrors, Tiffany lamps, the solid brass handles and the luxurious Turkish carpets at your feet <Can you picture what I’m talking about? Can you?> .  I could go on and on and on!  <giggle>  

Then the icing on the cake would be to stop at each destination I’ve heard about in the classic movies, bringing me back to it’s time periods and of course the culture of people!  Yes, I’ve been to Europe, but this would be a treat, to see the countries in this fashion.  It would be so much better than flying. 

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I know someone will read this and would want me to state the facts about the Orient Express, so I letting everyone know that the movie was actually Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express and it’ was not set on the Orient Express, it’s set on the Simplon Orient Express.  By the 1920s and 30s there were a whole inter-connecting network of Wagons-Lits company trains with ‘Orient Express’ as part of their name in addition to the Orient Express itself. 

The Orient Express has always run from Paris Gare de l’Est via Munich, Vienna & Budapest, whereas the Simplon Orient Express started running in April 1919, taking a Southerly route from Calais and Paris Gare de Lyon to Milan, Venice, Trieste, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia and Istanbul, with a portion for Athens.  So, there’s some history for you!

Yes, without hesitation! I would pick the Orient Express.  Now, of course I would ask if this marvelous trip includes some  spending money, probably not!  But, I sure would ask!  With careful planning of the trip and special instruction here at home, I would plan to be away for a long time!   I am such a dreamer and perhaps one day, one day I will experience it.

Now, I have looked at Venice Simplon Orient Express’s website and it is quite fascinating!  You never know!


All this dreaming has given me an idea, since we are talking about the time period of the 1920’s and 30’s, the Art Deco period, I will get some additional  information about this period and post, for those who are interested!

So, what would you pick? It’s such a great question!  You never know, you have to be ready with an answer!  Leave a comment and let me know!

Be well – Lee  😉

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