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A Day with Sting!

23 Jul


Before I forget again and go on to something else, I wanted to share with you quickly my experience (where I am still on a high) seeing Mr. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner perform last week! “Who, you say?” (in an english accent) Sting!    

The CBS Early Show has their live Summer Concert series every year and who was on the plaza performing, but STING himself.   Not only was he performing but he had the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with him!  Taking his famous songs and revamping them once again to bring a delight of creativity and happiness.   The last time I saw  him (yes, I am a FAN!) was at NYC St. John’s Cathedral church in December ’09 and before that in London!  However, this engagement was quite wonderful; it was outside and I was so in the moment!  

It’s ironic how a group of people in one setting all have the admiration of the same thing!  I was singing along (not very good), but I knew every word, every bridge in each song.  I could have been part of the ensemble, just in case they needed a stand-in!  NOT!!!!    

Did you know Sting is a “New Yorker”, he has a home in NYC; brought back in 2006 and often is in Central Park….in case you thought you saw someone who may have looked like him and you mistakenly said “Naaaah, it can’t be”!   It probably was.  Now for those of you who say you must have some money to see a good concert, I say think again for the six song performance was worth every minute of the wait to see him, for it was hosted by CBS Early Show at no charge.  Even if you could not get close to the stage (like me), you had his music in the backdrop loud and clear.  It was beautiful.  And of course, he’s gorgeous!  Not bad for 58!    

Can you tell that I’m a fan!  When looking at the video attached, please don’t mind my singing (I was having a good time)!  The rendition of Roxanne is simply beautiful.    His new CD,  Symphonocities has just been released and you can check out his tour dates on    I  will be sure to put up the other videos of the performance, but I wanted to share this quickly, for I would not have time to upload them and have Chaz to edit them this weekend!     

Did I say I had a good time!   Yeah, I did! 🙂  

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Be well, Letia  

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