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In 2 Weeks! Happy Father’s Day!

9 Jun

It’s nothing like spending time with your Dad!  Their the ones who you think of; after Mom of course! 

There’s nothing like going to that person you deemed as a mentor, but you really considered him as a Father (like a Dad), he’s been the life line you so needed.

Fathers always let you know how much and how important it is to have YOU in their life.    Pop, Dad, Daddy, Big Guy, Pape and PaPa; I could go on and on, but whatever you call him.. he will answer; because he has incorporated YOUR title into his life!    

Yes, you still have time, to put some thought into it!  What are you going to buy?  What are you going to do?  There are some cool things that you can give him!   Now Fathers are so much simpler, not that much pressure, for they will be glad with anything that you give them!  Because, they are just that way…not a lot fuss, happy to be appreciated and proud.   The unexpected is the expected for them; if you know what I mean.

Sometimes, it’s not just buying the gift, but spending the time.  Maybe he’s been meaning to go to the local hardware store to get that lumber, to fix that one thing that he has put off for a while now.  Suggest doing it together (however.. you got to let him do the talking)!  

Perhaps, he’s just fine with the TV he has, the 50″ TV!!!   However, wouldn’t it be great  to contact his cable carrier and order him a free month of his favorite Sports Channel, so he can be really “IN” on the latest!   Maybe order some movies, pick out  new DVD’s?   There are so many things that you both could do together!  Whatever you decide, just know he will be in 7th heaven knowing that you have acknowledged and celebrated him on this upcoming Happy Father’s Day!

I’ve jotted down just a few ideas!

  • Log on to groupon to see if there are any specials upcoming for Happy Father’s Day:
  • Check out Pottery Barn, they have some nice items for Dad:
  • If Dad is in the service or away, log on to and send a Happy Father’s Day e-card! 
  • A large Tool chest to hold all his tools, so it’s not scattered all around in the house and garage (not a bad idea!).
  • He loves gadgets, any kind of gadgets!  Try
  • Purchase a nice chair with a pattern (the decorator in me talking)!  He will more likely to prefer this, for he may have already grown tired of the couch.  So you know, a chair means “my territory” and can easily be accessible and let people know to get out of it too (quickly)!
  • Scan some of your favorite photos of your Dad and family moments, then register on and set up a book to present to him.  If you start now, you will be able to have it in time for Happy Father’s Day.
  • Pencils monogrammed with his initials!

Moms, you also may want to express to your children, that Dad is pretty terrific and really not corny at all..he’s kind of cool!   So, why not have them do something special for him too!

  • Have the kids, take him to the movies (the one he really wanted to see a few weeks ago)! 
  • Make their own personal cards or have them select their own e-cards; maybe e-mails too.
  • Clean up the front yard or clean his car; perhaps the garage!
  • Help you make a Happy Father’s Day dinner (his favorite). 

Remember, whatever you decide, just have fun and ENJOY!   You have two weeks, now get going!!  It’s Sunday – June 20th.

Be well – Letia 😉

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