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Gulf Coast Oil Disaster!

5 Jun

A Mess!

What a week and it’s has me upset!!!   There has been no luck in correcting the oil leak at the Gulf!  Al Gore who we look for guidance on how to save our environment was experiencing some life changes himself; by announcing publicly that his marriage to Tippy Gore has ended.  I was wondering why, we didn’t hear from him sooner about the disaster, it’s understandable!  Then to add to the mayhem, a BP Executive did not take in consideration the families of the workers who died in the initial explosion, when doing his press interview!  He later apologized, he was real insensitive and following it up by   numerous public relations efforts with BP commercials (similar to Totoya, last month)!  Not people relations at all! 

We have environmentalists, families and a whole sea industry effected by this, the worst U.S. Environmental disaster ever!  EVER! Yes, I’ve watched the news and was thinking like everybody else, it would be resolved in a matter of a week; eight days tops!  Not the case; WE ARE HEADING TO THE  5TH WEEK!  

To understand the magnitude in all actuality, it was just stated on CNN, that today BP has collected 6,000 barrels of oil in the first 24 hours of pumping oil from a ruptured well up to a drill ship! 

The Gulf is such a beautiful place, it’s the USA’s best kept secret.  For any family; who can’t get away on a vacation to a tropical island, the Gulf Shores was the place to be. I’ve been on the shores of Alabama, a couple of times.  

Now there’s so much in jeopardy!   Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama’s wildlife, the surplus of fish, businesses and people’s livelihood; not protected from this; they are really hurting!!!  The Hurricane season is nearing and the spill;  it’s spreading to Florida’s Panhandle!  There are workers who are working 24/7 to correct the problem;  they are turning ill and even being hospitalized!  Volunteers are at the shores…everyone is doing they part to help, trying everything they know! It’s a complete freaking ______ mess!!!!!!!!!!!!  

We have experienced so much with our economy, when you say to yourself, what else can happen?  We have this!  However; I must say WE Americans are resilient and it’s clear in all the efforts which are in place.   For years, we have talked and discussed about protecting the environment; to find out there were no BP contingency plans for this mishap!  Ok, yes; it may have been written, documented and submitted by BP to meet U.S. regulations, but as we now know, it DID N’T WORK!    

So in the days to come I hoping, actually praying that this gets resolved.  The investigation of who, what and where can start later!  This disaster affects everyone in one form, shape or fashion; whether it’s work, knowing someone in that part of the United States, our food shopping, our fuel prices, dining, a family member who is a volunteer, a U.S. serviceman!  Our deliveries, home building, travelling; the oil spill affects us!  

This has me thinking about what can we do; what part can we do to protect the environment also.  We hear about this all the time don’t we?  Then we just keep doing the same thing normally, day-to-day stuff.  I was thinking if you can just change one thing and be consistent with it, we can help!  🙂 

I’ m not going to give you a list of things to do, you’ve heard them all before!  I just wanted you to just to really think about it.  I also am going to do more on my part too, by using some sustainable items in the home too!   For example like bamboo plates and utensils; instead of plastic at my barbecues!  You are probably saying, Hugh?  This is the first thing that came to my mind, while writing!  It’s simple, right?  Nevermind! 

Anyway, if you are like me and need to express your thoughts about this Gulf Coast Oil disaster and/or whether you decided to change something in your every day-to-day life to make our environment better; let me know what is it.  Either leave a comment or e-mail me at

And Oh!  I feel a lot better, since I’ve let go of some of that steam (I know, runaway train)! 

Be well, Letia  🙂 

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