Is it Just Clutter?

31 Mar

 This is in response to the many, many e-mails I have received from readers who I’ve encouraged to jump-start their Spring cleaning.  THANK YOU so much for writing in and letting me know, how it’s going.  Many of you stated that you are doing good and have dumped a lot of “stuff”.  Going from room to room, but taking your time!  While a few of you wanted me to accept your excuses on why now was not  just the right time!  After a little persuasion, I’m glad the cleaning was a GO! 🙂

 I am so glad to hear, that I’ve gotten you all so motivated!   You’ll be glad to know, I had donated four boxes of clothing to Good Will and still going through my closet, I am now doing shoes!  Yep! SHOES! 😉

I also wanted to share with you an e-mail from Susan from Wichita, Kansas (name has been changed)  in which she wrote me to tell me that she didn’t know where to start.   Susan had indicated that she had so much stuff in her home, she was so frustrated! You see, we have e-mailed each other for the last two weeks back and forth, until she finally sent me a few photo attachments.

To my surprise in reviewing the photos, her home was not considered cluttered or just having things around, or even having things for years that accumulated.  Susan is what is known as a hoarder.  The Internet is such a wonderful tool (what would we do without it?)  for I read up a little about hoarding before I’d continued communicating with Susan.  I’d explained to her that the status of her home is based on a common psychological disorder; where a person has a personal attachment to everything around them and when departing with the items, it’s more emotional than to the average person.

Hoarders can’t seem to throw anything out (anything) and considers it a personal attack, if someone other than themselves decides to clean/dismantle their things without their permission.  To you and I, it may be very simple to throw out a Post It® with some writing into the garbage, however to Susan…. her state of thinking is to save it for whatever purpose that seems warranted and it does n’t have to make sense to anyone, but her!

I’d reassured her that there is definitely help available, however she cannot tackle cleaning her home without having a support group around her.  According to what I read, the support group should consist of family members, friends, a psychiatrist and a professional organizer which understands/has dealt with hoarding disorders.   I also commended Susan for realizing that she has a problem, my post definitely compelled her to finally to do something about it, for she says she has had this problem since she was a young woman.  

Just now (Wednesday), Susan had written back and it so happens that there is a task force for hoarding disorders in Wichita, KS (Sedgwick County) and she has contacted them for help.  In my response, I wished her the best and asked her if she would mind, if I shared with you (my readers) how to recognize the difference from mere clutter and a mental disorder of a hoarder; it’s more than just cleaning up.  She agreed!

So, I’d remembered A&E had a series on hoarding and to be honest, I saw it once and was not that much interested in continuing to watch the program.    However, since communicating with Susan, this evening I did search for and reviewed some of the episodes on   I have attached an A&E  trailer to give you an idea of a hoarding disorder; maybe this information can help someone you know too! 

You know, I was a little concerned on whether anyone was reading my blogs and guess what…… people are!!!!   Lesson learned, it does not take much to help someone, not much at all!   🙂 

Be well – Letia

2 Responses to “Is it Just Clutter?”

  1. tiffany jewellery April 30, 2010 at 6:56 PM #

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    • lmlifestyledesign April 30, 2010 at 7:57 PM #

      Thanks! I was happy to assist Susan and also make people aware of the signs! Please continue to check in now and then to read more topics and have fun!

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