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What Do You Do? Make Pillows!

27 Mar


Gone are the little leeways, where you knew when you spent a little too much money, you often thought you could probably catch up in the next few paychecks or use that credit card to buy and pay later. With our economy in such an uproar, family households have found themselves rethinking how they are spending money and creative ways to possibly make extra money.

Dorianne, my god sister (our Moms, friends for over 44 years!) was faced with these same decisions and had to really think fast!  Her income was slashed, she had to move, her son was graduating from highschool and important college decisions were on the table.  “What can I do?” “What am I good at?” Well she figured out, she was always good at sewing and thought of what  items people would actually buy? “Pillows? That’s it, I will make decorative pillows! “

Her goal was to make extra money, quickly Dorianne had started her own business!  She had an idea, brainstorming session, budget analysis (bit of money), thought of her skills, sorted out her supplier (fabric stores), site  location(home) and transport (her car)!

Well her idea worked, the pillows are absolutely beautiful (see photos)!  Dorianne can hardly keep up with her orders and is always running out of supplies (which is such a good thing).  Yes, pillows!  Her son, will be starting college this fall and her mind has been put at ease, knowing that while she is looking for a better job;  her business is definitely helping!

Pillows are a key item for decorating, it was actually a great choice; if I might add.  Pillows add that touch; they can be found in all different shapes, sizes and designs.   Some have tassels, buttons, piping, beads, sequins, even descriptive sayings!  You name it, a pillow can have it!  We often don’t look at the detail, but a pillow’s construction is amazing! 

For some of you, you may be saying it’s really not that serious!  It’s just a known item, that is often needed on a couch, bed or the floor!    However, get this!  It is always, always asked for, suggested and questioned, why aren’t there any? Pillows give that added touch!

There are people who are truly serious about their pillows.  It would n’t be me, if I didn’t put some history information in my post.  For you Jeopardy fans, pretend I’m Alex Trebek talking, here are some pillow trivia questions:

OK, you said EXPENSIVE for $100.  What is the most expensive pillow on the market?  It’s the Eider Down pillow – for it’s softness and filling.  They can go for $7,000 or more! (I know, that’s some pillow!)   

INTERNATIONAL for $200.  What is the most sort out pillow internationally?  It’s the Plumeland Pillow, it’s sold in Europe for about 69.99 EUROS.   

Ok are you bored?  Last trivia question!  MOST POPULAR for $500!  What is the most sold out decorative pillow to date?  Ready? It’s the Dora the Explorer Cuddle Pillow! 😉 

You see pillows are important stuff! 😀  Before going,  I would like to give some encouragement to others based on Dorianne’s story, for her’s alone is not the only one!  If you are a person, who has been told that your cakes are simply “scruplicious” and you begin selling them, you’ll have a business; right out of your kitchen.  If you know how to play the guitar or piano and decide to give lessons, you’ll have a business; right out of your home.   Perhaps, you work the night shift and have decided during the day to fix computers, you’ll have a business!   Family can help, kids would love to help, whatever you’re good at can generate some extra income.   Or you may know someone, who you could give some ideas to.  Ask!  So, what do you do or what are you good at?  Any idea can turn into a plan!   You know my saying, how will you know, if you don’t try! 

I hope this information was helpful.  If you’re interested in seeing more of Dorianne’s pillows,  you can e-mail her at   Until the next time!

Be well – Letia

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