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Finding Your Personal Style!

2 Mar

Right now in your wardrobe there’s colors and textures that you really love!  

If you are a gal, there are probably also those shoes, that simply makes you happy (especially the ones, which you’ve gotten on sale!). 

 For guys, it could be that special tie, a suit or that pair of jeans, which are hot!  Your wardrobe shows your personality, believe or not –  it can be transcending into your space.   

Interior decorators and designers will often ask you, “What is your style?”   More often than not, the client usually replies with that look of puzzlement, not really sure.   This  four word question is used as a guideline for decorators to begin assisting  their client to get a creative idea how to change the current space.  

 So, I’m going to make the answer to this question easy for you!   I have listed a few questions to ask yourself; whether you acquire a decorator or not,  your style is something that you should know.  You will be so surprised, by taking about 20 minutes, you will be able to learn what your personal style is!  So let’s get a pen, note paper, something refreshing to drink and ask yourself the following: 

  1. Describe your favorite outfit and your accessories, write down 4 descriptions (e.g. preppy, sexy, bright, funky, etc).
  2. Describe an activity you just love, write down 4 descriptions it gives you (e.g. peaceful,  electric, dark, etc.). 
  3. What movie, that you  just love, indicates a favorite style (e.g. 1940’s, 1980’s), write down 4 descriptions that best describes it (romantic, classy, loud).
  4. Now take all the descriptions you’ve written and look in some magazines to see if you notice any chairs, towels, furniture that match those adjectives.  Place a Post It™ on  the pictures you like.  Or the next time you go out, if not too busy, see if you can make your way to a store to also see.

Now check all of your information and look again at the pictures you’ve collected; let’s see if your current space reflects what you’ve discovered?  If what is now in your space doesn’t match, you’re personal style may be missing.  Don’t worry! 

You can change your space to show what you truly, truly like, with adding colors, textures and paint.   If it matches, then you have already identified your personal style and  if you prefer;  you can add or remove  an item or two, to get that WOW effect!!!  Or you might even have discovered that you may want to do some changes in your wardrobe too (bringing it up to date).   A personal style can change, because we change. 

This 20 minute quiz is nothing new, Thomasville®, did an ad campaign a few years back, using particular items in a wardrobe to advertise, detailing how it is reflected in furniture!  I particularly loved the ads (see one below).  You will be surprised on how many fashion styles influence furniture pieces and our home accessories (and vice-a-versus),  some may be obvious, but in some instances they are not even noticed. 

Personal Style

The Luminé Chest™

Designer Julie Chaiken with Benjamin Moore Paint


What’s my personal style? My favorite movie of all time is Funny Face!!!   I luv, luv, luv, Audrey Hepburn!   I am traditional (1950’s), classy/spicy with splashes of  color (red, yellow, teal blue) with clean lines (gray, black, white), also with flair (silk, damask), but stylish (mahogany wood)!  

I hope this information was helpful.  If you took the quiz, let me know what you’ve discovered, were  you surprised?  Did you discover a new color, that stands out?  How about the fabrics, are they also in your furniture?  Do you want a makeover to change your wardrobe completely first, then do your favorite room?   

Leave a comment below or send me a note at   I would love to hear from you!  Whatever you’ve discovered, when asked, you’ll now know your personal style!   

This is the first step, especially if you have thought about it for some time, to change your space!   For those who need help, in making your personal style be defined in your space.  In upcoming blogs, I will give you more steps. 

Remember it’s YOUR space; in which it is supposed to make you happy!  Your style is your style, no matter what others may think!  : ) 

Be well – Letia

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