Of course, Lady Ga Ga is Avant-garde!

19 Feb

Lady Ga Ga at British Awards

While having lunch with my friends, we went from talking about the “Dear John” movie, to I being asked the question, “What do you think about Lady Ga Ga?”  I replied “I think of  her as having a distinct style that represents free expression and a woman having  fun, with so much attention!   According to the look on some of their faces, my answer may have not been expected; all noting a lengthy discussion was about to begin!       

There are so many commentaries and news buzz about Lady Ga Ga!  Some good reviews, while others thinks she is simply C-R-A-Z-Y!   While yes, she can be considered way over the top and yes, it’s a bit outrageous!  However, I do admit, I find it so intriguing, that she is using her freedom to creatively express her vision, where people  just LOVE it!   Some could never see themselves caught dead in any of the outfits she wears.   I must admit, some of the outfits I just didn’t get!  I didn’t!  Until I listened in on her being interviewed, she took the time to explain what each outfit meant!  While watching, my reply was either OH!, OK! or you lost me on that one!”  : )       To me, Lady Ga Ga’s style is considered avant-garde!  Which means she pushes the button, she has no set boundaries for her art, she literally setting a spot in our culture and is giving her point of view; no matter what people think.   It  may leave people accepting the outrageous or others just shaking their heads with that  “What in the hell” disbelief.     

 The other thing is when seeing her in costume, the first thing that always, always comes to my mind, who will be that person sitting behind her when she’s at an award show or event, that person is really going to be pissed off! They won’t be able to see a damn thing! (Ha!)  Or how many stylists does she have; because I know when I get dressed for an event, it’s takes a lot of planning to get me out the door and be on time!  The shoes, the hair; etc.; it must take her at least 4 hours to get ready!    

 Looking past her costumes, the production work alone to make her vision alive on stage, you got to give it to her;  it’s pretty amazing.  The detailed props, the lighting, the video, the mechanics, the stage, and the performers… everything has to be designed, planned and executed to give each concert audience what is so expected; but really not.  It’s strange, but yet phenomenal!    

Lady GaGa – Blue

Years from now it will then be considered outstanding pieces of work by the same critics; who are saying  “Booooo” now!  The late Alfred Hitchcock, he was considered very strange, his movies are now and forever considered classics.  The late Andy Warhol’s pop art, his innovation changed what people thought was strange at first, now his works are a legacy!  We can say, the same about Picasso (I got rolling eyes at this point)!   I went on to say she is displaying an image and when not doing a performance, she can be found in a T-shirt and jeans, just like me or you!    Then I said this to tie it all together “There are interior spaces you know, which can also be avant-garde too!  Look at England’s history of design for past monarchies.  Yes, avant-garde” (with a devilish smile, I wanted to sound intellectual at this point).     Well this topic lasted for just one more second, 2 out of  4 of my friends disagreed, 1 made fun – saying I was Ga Ga for Ga Ga (stupid), while the other  just kept saying  the word “true” and wanted to turned the whole focus now on to dessert (I was so full, how could YOU possibly want dessert?)!    

 2 slices of strawberry shortcake, with whip cream, strawberry syrup and a squirt of chocolate were ordered; which I shared, if you call it sharing? My fork only hit the plate two times! LOL!    

 I really wanted to talk some more about the topic, not only about Lady Ga Ga, but people in our history which were considered avant-garde.   I guess it’s time to make plans to go to MOMA and look at Interior Design’s website to feed my own curiosity! ; )     

 Lunch is over, I don’t know if you can say that I am a die-hard fan, but it really got me to thinking!!!!!!   ; )

Be well – Letia


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