Videos, Photography and Lighting. Oh My!

16 Feb

 I made three videos with my digital camera and was preparing to set up blog information about them on The Latest… .  The videos were based on some questions received on decorating and to see how well I could do it!   I was so proud of myself (I really am); until my dear friend, Charles saw the videos!  He stopped by today to catch up (it’s snowing again), he laughed at me and said, my heart was in it  – but they could be better.

So, I poured him a glass of white Zinfandel and we talked about 3 point lighting, white balance, makeup, his love of infrared shooting, lenses and backdrops.  It’s quite interesting, my head was spinning, I guess I don’t need to tell you that he is a photographer.  He is British and whenever we talk, it reminds how much I miss London.   I have family there and need to make plans to get back there real soon.  

Anyway, so Charles is talking, I’m listening (thinking to myself) I’d better start writing things down, because if he is away doing a shoot, I won’t know what to do.   Hmmm, come to think of it,  I could also ask John questions also (lives in Miami), he’s a great photographer  too! 

As Charles is continuing to talk, he ends up going in my fridge, looks around, pulls out cheese, the LAST of my pastrami, pickles and rye bread, he really is making a sandwich (I’m thinking I should have eaten it the night before, damn)?  “Do you know how films are made, the frames is the key…” .  Here we go!  Now he is going to talk about the film, he started and has yet to finish!  Two sandwiches, a bottle of wine, ended up making spaghetti and some ginger snap cookies later,  I had to say a few key words to get him back to the focus on ME!   He is so passionate about his work!  To be honest, we were talking about other things too, but the film part, was about  an hour and a 1/2! LOL

So! What we decided to do is, Charles is going to give me some items.  I am also going to check out and other sites to buy a few items for lighting to aid in making better videos.   My digital camera will do just  fine, for what I am doing.   You know, I am learning so much!  It’s not just “smile” for the camera, it’s so much more.   So far for me, when venturing into learning these new things, I’ve gained such an appreciation of people’s’ talents, expertise and knowledge.  I’m having so much fun!

So my videos will be coming soon!  And for anyone, who doesn’t think they could ever make a video, you can!  Hey, you can do anything you put your mind to…read about, ask questions, check the web.  The information is there!  So if it’s not a video, but something you really wanted to try… TRY IT!

Well let me go back downstairs (watching the Winter Olympics), I just wanted to write this quickly!  Wish me luck, I will let you know, how things turn out!!

Cheers to all you photographers!!!

Be well – Letia

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