Finally! Well Hello : )

14 Feb

As you can see,  Letia Mitchell LifeStyle and Design’s website is finally up!!!   I want to thank everyone who has contributed to making this possible!   I have so much respect for people and their talents, it is truly a blessing to work/meet with everyone.  

For those who are meeting me for the first time, I wear so many hats, great Mom, Auntie, dear friend, blog writer, IT Director and charity fundraiser; but my joy and passion is in decorating!  

I love making people’s spaces enjoyable and truly believe it can definitely be achieved for those who just don’t know where to start. One of my goals is to also help those who have a fixed budget as well,  get a little happiness in their environments; without spending too much money. 

What you will find out about me; I’m not one of those people who is stuck in one medium. I think that you can do all of it, as long as it’s the same dedication with whomever the client is and the goal is to change their surrounding with visual content; that makes them feel really uplifted.  It looks like we are going to be spending more time at home, due to the state of the our economy, it should be comfortable and enjoyable while we are home with our families and friends. 

So here you will find a vehicle to ask me questions, I will provide you with the answers and tips too!  You will be part of my adventures on shopping or I will even share my latest find!  See my takes on fashion..which I love!  It could even be an observation or something crazy that has happened to me (giggle), that I have to share.   Most of all, it’s a place where I can connect with people like you!  So we are going to have some fun and get inspiration for everyone! 


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